سازه ایستگاه احسان شیراز

Shiraz Urban Rail, Ehsan and Gol-e-Sorkh Stations

Basic design and detailed design of station 1 (Gol-e-Sorkh), station 21 (Ehsan) and Ehsan stop, carrying out site supervision services for the construction of Ehsan and Gol-e-Sorkh stations and Ehsan parking, procurement of fireproof cables, installation, testing and operating all elevators and escalators of Line 1 Shiraz Urban Rail


Esfahan Urban Rail Organization

Management services for Line 1 of Isfahan metro (north to south) in between Kaveh terminal and Saffeh terminal, Kaveh depot, stations and auxiliary buildings


Site supervision services on procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of the signaling system

Site supervision services on procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of the signaling system for Badrood-Meybod, Ardakan-Chadormloo and Bafgh-Zand railway routes


Site Supervision Services on Signaling System of Mashhad-Sarakhs Railway

Site supervision services on installation, operation, testing and commissioning of  the signaling systems of Mashhad-Sarakhs railway

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Design of Binalood Terminal Station

Conducting studies and designing Binalood Terminal Station

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Qom Metro Line A

Conducting basic design studies and preparing EPC tender documents of Qom urban rail line A and carrying out management consultancy services for the client


Kermanshah Monorail Project

Basic and detailed design studies of stations, surveying, soil investigations, passive defense, environmental studies and site supervision for Kermanshah monorail project


Tehran - Pardis Rail Transportation System

Carrying-out management consultancy and QA/QC services on planning, design, construction and operation of New Towns rail, road and traffic network system (Pardis City)

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Tabriz Metro Line II

Providing Management Consultancy Services for the EPC contract of the Tabriz Metro Line II


Line B of Qom Urban Rail

Basic studies of civil and rail system and detailed studies of Qom urban rail line B with the length of 22.2 kilometers

آرماتوربندی و قالب بندی تونل رمپ یک

Karaj Urban Rail Line II

Management Consultancy Services for the Design and Construction of Karaj Urban Rail Line II

Project Title Award Year Employer
Study of layout modification, restoration and development of architectural, structural and MEP design of Andimeshk railway station 2006/2/14 RAJA Passenger Trains Co.
Carrying out engineering and procurement works for fire resistant and smoke free cables for the project of the Ehsan and Shariati stations Shiraz Metro Line 1 2008/4/9 Shiraz Urban Railway
Participating in the design and construction of the Pishva-Kavir railway infrastructure project and providing design and QA services 2009/5/31 Railway Civil Engineering and Utility Co. BALAST
Design, procurement, transportation, installation, testing and commissioning of 16 elevators and 24 escalators of Shiraz Metro Line 1 2009/6/25 Shiraz Urban Railway
Basic design studies for the track bedding and track works of the entire line 6 of the approved route of the Karaj and suburbs rail network 2009/7/15 Karaj Urban and Suburban Railway
Detailed design of Atrak-Barakat railway depot and parking lot in Turkmenistan 2011/3/12 Pars Energy
Carrying out basic and detail design of a civil depot and parking lot in the new city of Golbahar 2012/9/18 New Towns Development Company
Tunnel design and ventilation system studies of Golbahar-Mashhad suburban rail link 2018/12/16 Golbahar New City Development Company
Management consultancy services for conducting the basic and detail studies (phase one) and prepare a report of technical, economic, social, environmental and passive defense assessment for Pardis-Tehran rail link 2019/10/22 Pardis New City Development Company
Studies of the phase 1 and 2 stages of designing Mamoot station and its ancillary structures in Golshahr-Hashtgerd metro link 2020/2/24 Hashtgerd New City Development Company

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