Khorramshahr Port

Carrying out monitoring services for maintenance and renovation of buildings, telecommunications, CCTV, electricity and facilities and PM of Khorramshahr Port (2002-2010) and revision services of the fire departments

Emam Port

Establishment of Preventive Maintenance System (PMS) in Imam Khomeyni Port

Amir Abad Port

Consultancy services (quality assurance and site supervision) for construction of Amir Abad port including: network improvement, surface water collection, landscaping, design and development of the guard building, police station building and leveling of the eastern lands

Booshehr Port

Quality assurance and site supervision services on repair and maintenance of port structures and execution of PM project in Booshehr Port and carrying out case studies

Sistan and Baluchistan Ports and Shipping Department

Site supervision services including repair and maintenance, retrofitting and renovation of the structures and E&M works for Shipping and Ports Department of Sistan and Baluchistan province

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